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Switzerland of Ohio Local School District and Barnesville Hospital Work Together to Offer a Concussion Management Program

Switzerland of Ohio Local School District has partnered with Barnesville Hospital to offer a program to Prevent Post Concussion Syndrome in High School Athletes. The testing of junior high and high school athletes began in August under the supervision of Neil Ritchie, Assistant Superintendent. This free concussion management program was made possible by a grant through Multiplan, Inc.

All concussions are serious. It is important for area athletes to receive an evaluation which will assist to determine if a concussion has occurred and when it is safe to return to play their sport, said Dr. Shaun Roe, Morristown Family Practice Center. It is better for an athlete to miss one game then the entire season.

The MultiPlan grant will allow for optimal injury recovery and help to prevent unnecessary traumatic brain injury for area athletes. Students received a baseline test through ImPACTs concussion management program. Dr. Roe will provide consultation to the Athletic Directors and coaches at area schools regarding the implementation of the Concussion Management System.

The recognition and proper response to concussions when they first occur can help prevent further injury. It is important for athletes and parents to understand that even a ding, getting your bell rung, or what seems to be mild bump or blow to the head can be serious, said Ritchie. We are pleased we were able to implement this worthwhile program at no cost to our school district.

School districts participating in the MultiPlan concussion management grant though Barnesville Hospital include Barnesville Village Exempted School District, Union Local School District, and Switzerland of Ohio Local School District.