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Barnesville Hospital: Providing Quality Care to All Generations

There is roughly a 1 in 10,000 probability of a family having five living generations in the United States, with most likely about a couple hundred examples nationwide, said Shripad Tuljapurkar, a Stanford University professor of population studies and biology. The James A. Burcher family, of Barnesville, is one of those families. Not only that, but they all five generations received services at Barnesville Hospital in the past year. Mr. Burcher, his great grandson, and his great, great grandson had inpatient hospital stays in the past year, while his daughter and granddaughter utilized Barnesville Hospital for outpatient services.

According to Ron Bischof, Mr. Burchers son-in-law and Mayor of Barnesville, We are very pleased with the wonderful care all members of our family received, not only this year but in years past as well.

Mr. Burcher, age 103, has had several inpatient stays at Barnesville Hospital over the last five years. We firmly believe that Dad receives the best care in the valley right here at Barnesville Hospital. When Dad became ill in June 2007, states Mayor Bischof, he was very frightened, as were his daughter, Nancy, and I. The very compassionate hospital staff calmed his fears as well as our own. The family credits Bridget DeLaney, the hospitals Social Worker, with assisting in his placement at a local nursing home where he has been residing since. Nancy Bischof states, We believe the Barnesville Hospital staff is the finest.

In addition to his wifes family, Mayor Bischof has also taken advantage of Barnesville Hospitals services. In 1999, Bischof was diagnosed and successfully treated for leptospirosis, a very rare blood infection, averaging about 110 diagnosed cases annually in this country. In 2008, following cardiac bypass surgery, Bischof utilized the Cardiac Rehabilitation services provided at the hospital.

Mayor Bischof summarized by saying, We really believe in Barnesville Hospital and have great trust in the quality and very caring staff. We are truly blessed to have Barnesville Hospital in our community.