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Barnesville Hospital Auxiliary Continues the Tradition of Giving

The Barnesville Hospital Auxiliary’s tradition of giving continued as they recently donated over $5,700 for the purchase of needed medical equipment. Direct patient care areas benefit from the Auxiliary’s generosity. This year’s contribution enabled the purchase of a vital signs monitor, pulse oximeter, digital thermometer, IV poles, otoscope/ophthalmoscope, handheld scanners for patient safety, and a diagnostic headlamp.

“The Auxiliary exemplifies quality caring,” commented David Phillips, Barnesville Hospital’s Chief Executive Officer. “Over the past 70 plus years members have contributed generously for vital medical equipment helping the hospital offer high quality services and cost-effective care to the community,” Phillips added. “The contributions, both personal and financial, since the Auxiliarys inception in 1941 are immeasurable to what benefit has been created.”

“Twigs,” the working units of the Hospital Auxiliary, began their work in March 1941. By 1954, the Twigs had grown to over 1,000 women. They were instrumental in obtaining funds for the 1954 addition to Barnesville Hospital. The first Twig donation was 25 glasses of jelly from a 4-H Club in 1941. In total, the Twigs raised $36,585.00 for the new building fund. This building is the portion visible from West Main Street, excluding the Solarium.

Todays Barnesville Hospital Auxiliary is composed of 10 “Twigs” and also individual “Leaf” members who provide financial support to the hospital. Officers include Carol Crooks, President; Chris Mellinger, Vice-President; Lynn Atkinson, Secretary; Linda Phillips, Corresponding Secretary; and Norma Cunningham & Cindy Ferguson, Co-Treasurers. Judy Barrick, Wilma Truax, and Bonnie Lewis, new 3-Year Directors, join existing 3-Year Directors Wanema Hagan, Kim Lewis, Rebecca Lynn, Frances McCort, Dorothy Morris, and Martha Thompson.

For more information about joining an existing Twig, forming a new Twig, or becoming a leaf member, contact Ruth Anderson (425-5113) or Peggy Douglass (425-5158).