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Barnesville Hospital Employee Wellness Program 2013 5K Training Club

The Barnesville Hospital Employee Wellness Program recently coordinated its third annual 5K Training Club during the months of August and September 2013. Participants had the opportunity to train over an eight week period by running and/or walking with others that were interested in seeing if they could get strong enough and conditioned enough to finish a 5K. There were weekly organized group runs/walks during the two months and there was an eight week training schedule for everyone to follow as a group or on their own.

On September 28, 2013 the Barnesville Pumpkin Festival held its annual 5K race which was the goal of our 2013 5K Training Club. The 5K Club had a total of 25 participants running or walking this event. The members of this club were: Raquel McGee, Club Coordinator, Beth Brill, Chelce Johnson, Connie Flood, Michelle Marling, Erin Luyster, Jeremy Clark, Stacy Clark, Dylan Clark, Arick Clark, Cheryl Lewis, Jennifer Fillipovich, Judy Barrick, Jay Warner, Trey Warner, Dalton Turner, John Crum, Brook Crum, Johnny Crum, Ryan Crum, Maggie Crum, Matt Johnson, Mindy Johnson, Hank Johnson, Payne Johnson, and Judy Johnson. Congratulations to all the participants for completing the race!

The 2013 5K Training Club was open to all employees of Barnesville Hospital and their friends and family members. This was a great way to get in shape, learn some tips on running or walking races, and have fun with other members.