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Village of Barnesville votes to provide low interest loan to Barnesville Hospital

The Village Council voted on Monday night to approve terms of a low-interest loan of $1.5 million to Barnesville Hospital to implement the final steps in planning the expansion and renovation of the Hospitals Emergency Department.

A new Emergency Department will address the needs of patients and families by adding individual treatment rooms, affording privacy and adequate room for staff, equipment, and family members; providing updated monitoring and medical technology; adding a comfortable, private waiting room, and utilizing a redesigned traffic flow to maximize patient privacy.

The Barnesville Hospital Board of Trustees also intends to include in the planning design space for an Urgent Care/Fast Track option as part of the new ED. An Urgent Care type option will offer a lower cost alternative to individuals and families who are unable to access their primary care physician, yet the urgency and acuity of their affliction does not rise to an emergency. This choice in services will typically provide families a significant savings in medical insurance co-pays and deductibles.

Total project costs were estimated at around $3 million in 2012, and the cost of construction has likely increased since that time. In order to make the project financially feasible, a major investment by donors will still be needed. The Barnesville Hospital Foundation plans to launch a major capital fund-raising campaign to make this much needed project become a reality.

I am extremely grateful to the Village Council for their ongoing support. We are very fortunate to have one of the most supportive communities of any small hospital. The people here really care about Barnesville and they admire and respect their neighbors who work here to provide such excellent care. The community knows that we need to improve our facilities and Im confident theyll do their part to make it possible. – David Phillips, Barnesville Hospital CEO

Council Members of the Village of Barnesville have opened the door to allow this vital project to move forward. This vote recognizes how important access to quality health care is for area residents and the vital role Barnesville Hospital plays in our community. The approval of the loan from the Village affords the hospital the confidence to proceed with the final planning.

The Hospital Board of Trustees will provide authorization to finalize construction drawings and grant approval for the Foundation to organize and plan for a Capital Campaign. Updates on project timing will be forthcoming.

CONTACT INFO: Jan Chambers, Barnesville Hospital Foundation, 740-425-5789,