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Barnesville Hospital Has a New Patient Health Care Portal

Barnesville Hospital has launched FollowMyHealth as our new patient health care portal. With FollowMyHealth you will be able to check your personal records anywhere, anytime, using a computer, smart phone or tablet. FollowMyHealth will also assist you to make more informed health decisions for you and your family.

If you already had an active account with our previous portal, Relay Health, you should have received an invitation to join FollowMyHealth along with directions on how to set up your new account.

“The patient health care portal provides patients improved access to their health information and allows them to better understand their health and treatment options,” said Debbie Fisher, Clinical Products Coordinator. “Research shows that engaged patients actually get better-quality health care, and can avoid potential medical errors.”

If you currently do not have a patient health care portal set up at Barnesville Hospital or if you have questions contact or call 740-425-5799.