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Barnesville Hospital Offers Wide Bore MRI with New Partnership

Barnesville Hospital has announced a partnership with Alliance HealthCare Radiology, a division of Alliance HealthCare Services, Inc. to offer expanded MRI services for area residents. Doctors use Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to find diseases or abnormalities in the body without using x-rays.

“We are excited to partner with Alliance Radiology to provide consistent, high quality MRI images,” said Karen Mihalic, R.T (R)(M), ARRT, Imaging Operations Manager. “The wide bore MRI uses a safe magnetic field and radio waves to create detailed images of the body, with no radiation dose to the patient.”

The wide bore MRI maximizes patient comfort and minimizes claustrophobia. During the scan, the patient lies on a cushioned table that moves into the scanner. For certain studies, an injected contrast agent may be used. The technologist stays in contact with the patient throughout the exam.

Radiology Associates Inc, located in Wheeling, interprets all of the Diagnostic Imaging studies at Barnesville Hospital. They provide results to the referring physician.

With over 30 years of industry experience, Alliance Radiology is the partner of choice for hundreds of hospitals and healthcare practices across the United States. Alliance Radiology is known for their patient care and satisfaction having earned Avatar International’s “Exceeding Patient Expectations” award every year since 2007.

To schedule an MRI at Barnesville Hospital please call Central Scheduling at 740-425-5123. We offer standard daytime, as well as evening, appointments.

Photo: Wide Bore MRI