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Barnesville Hospital Laboratory Offering DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing

Barnesville Hospital continues to expand its’ provision of Department of Transportation (DOT) Drug and Alcohol testing. In January 2017, Barnesville Hospital Laboratory began a new endeavor of providing services for legal urine drug collections and breath alcohol testing. All of the laboratory staff was trained on the proper procedures for both DOT and non-DOT urine collections as well as training on the Alcomonitor CC Breathalyzer. Now a year later, they have performed close to 300 urine collections and approximately 90 breath alcohols. They have provided services for at least 33 different employers, both local and out of the area.

Shawn Meier, Laboratory Manager, says, “It is a privilege to be able to offer these services at our facility. Many local employers have expressed their gratitude to us for taking on this additional task because it is much more convenient for them and their employees. A lot of our business comes from the oil and gas industry but we have also served many other businesses.”

If you ask the laboratory staff what the most difficult part of the process is, they would all say that it is the completion of the paperwork. The urine specimens are sent to a one of several certified laboratories for testing. Each of these laboratories has a different form that needs completed and requires information to be documented in different sections. However, the laboratory staff has enjoyed meeting individuals from the area as well as those from different parts of the United States.

Shawn states, “We have contracted with Ohio Health Consortium out of Newark, Ohio. If you are a company that would like to start a drug testing program at your place of business but are not sure where to begin, call me and I can answer your initial questions and provide basic guidance on how to proceed.”

Drug and Alcohol testing required by the Department of Transportation includes pre-employment screenings, post accident testing and random drug testing. Statistics from national studies estimate the cost of substance use to employers ranges from $7,000 to $25,000 annually per substance user. Implementation of a Drug-Free Workplace is truly a good business decision.

If you would like additional information on the drug and alcohol services that are provided at Barnesville Hospital Laboratory, you may contact Shawn Meier, Laboratory Manager, at 740-425-5133.
Photo: (l-r) Jessica Ward, Phlebotomist, Amanda Burch, Phlebotomist, and Shawn Meier,
Laboratory Manager shown with the breathalyzer.