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Barnesville Hospital Takes Wellness Into the Community

There is currently a national initiative to improve adolescent health & fitness. Two of the major health concerns among this age group are interrelated, childhood obesity and lack of physical activity. Childhood obesity continues to outrank all other health problems as the number-one concern for children in the U.S. Rates of childhood obesity have tripled in the last 25 years, putting many children at risk for diabetes and heart disease, according to a report in Academic Pediatrics. There are numerous approaches to treating childhood obesity, but all boil down to a change in diet and lifestyle. Sedentary lifestyles have become the norm in the U.S., with children spending more time in front of the TV, computer or video game console than reading books, playing outside or engaging in extracurricular activities.

Barnesville Hospital is supporting one local school, Olney Friends School, in raising awareness among their students. On Friday, January 20th, Raquel McGee, Exercise Physiologist, and Vickie Ramsay, Registered Nurse, performed fitness testing and health screen on a total of 51 students. This included blood pressure, grip strength measurement, flexibility testing, and body composition analysis. Results are being shared with the school, along with some recommendations for improvement in results.

Serving as an advocate in improving the wellness of people in our community is part of the quality services which earned Barnesville Hospital recognition as a HealthStrong Award Winner. In the first comprehensive rating of Critical Access Hospitals, Barnesville Hospital was recognized by iVantage Health Analytics as one of the top one hundred Critical Access Hospitals in the nation. This tremendous honor is based on 56 performance indicators including quality, outcomes, patient perspective, affordability and efficiency. For more information about Barnesville Hospital and its services, visit the hospital website at Barnesville Hospital, find us on Facebook at Barnesville Hospital Association, Inc. or call (740) 425-5158.