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Barnesville Hospital Melvin Creeley Environmental Award Winner

The Ohio Hospital Association (OHA) has named Barnesville Hospital as a recipient of the Melvin Creeley Environmental Leadership Award for its efforts to reduce waste, prevent pollution, and comply with environmental regulations.

The award recognizes health systems that promote sound environmental practices through environmental stewardship and exemplifying the best practices for other hospitals to follow. The award is named after the retired president and CEO of East Liverpool City Hospital, Melvin Creeley, who chaired OHAs Environmental Leadership Council from its inception in 2001 to 2010.

Specifically, Barnesville Hospital has implemented waste reduction programs, recycling initiatives and other activities to preserve the health of the planet for future generations. Among its many environmental accomplishments, Barnesville continues recycling programs for cardboard, shredded confidential documents, mixed plastics, mixed glass, steel & aluminum cans, motor oil, computers, mixed paper, batteries, mixed scrap metals, & used linens. Additionally, outdated medical & surgical supplies are donated to support care missions in third-world countries.

In 2011, Barnesville Hospital recycled 26.52 tons of recyclable solids and 2.68 tons of recycled hazardous wastes. The recycling campaign continues to grow. With the support of the Green Team Committee, we are working to expand recycling efforts for Morristown Clinic, Morristown Pharmacy and Homecare, and Barnesville Medical Center.

Barnesville Hospital has previously been recognized on a national level as a leader in reducing mercury in healthcare and as a recipient of the Partner for Change Award for environmental stewardship.