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Barnesville Hospital “You Deserve It” Weight Loss Challenge!

The Barnesville Hospital Employee Wellness Program recently conducted an eight-week weight loss challenge entitled “You Deserve It.” A total of 78 employees, friends, and family members participated in the challenge. A total of 26 three-person teams participated.

Raquel McGee, Barnesville Hospital Exercise Physiologist, reports the participants lost a total of 652.8 pounds with an average weight loss per person of 8.4 pounds. The overall winning team was “Good Morning” who lost a total of 70.8 pounds and 9.97% of their weight. The members of this team were Joe Jeffries, Linda Lang and Doug Hocking. The top loser in weight and percentage for the competition was Doug Hocking losing 41.6 pounds. A total of $780.00 in prize money was distributed between the top teams and to the individuals they sponsored in the challenge.

The theme of the Challenge was “You Deserve It” and the idea was for each team to nominate a person they felt was in need or “deserving” of some help with medical bills, transportation, or other basic needs. Each team picked a person and lost weight in their “honor.” It was everyone’s pleasure to be able to help raise money for these individuals. The top five winning teams were able to win prizes for their nominees.

Thank you to our local sponsors for their donations to this challenge: Curves, Corner Fitness, and Kari McGee, LMT. Congratulations to all the participants on a job well done!

As a follow up to the “You Deserve It” Weight Loss Challenge 2012, each participant is invited to participate in a maintenance program and to return to weigh in monthly. If at that time they have maintained their post challenge weight or have continued to lose more weight since the challenge ended, they will receive chances to win more rewards from the Barnesville Hospital Employee Wellness Program. This maintenance program is designed to encourage all participants to keep off the weight lost during the last challenge and to maintain their healthy living lifestyle. As always, the goal of the Employee Wellness Program is to improve the health and fitness levels of our employees and our community.