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Barnesville Hospital Will Conduct a Mercury Thermometer Exchange, Cell Phone Recycling and Blood Pressure Screen at Farmers Market

Barnesville Hospital will have a table at the Barnesville Farmers Market at the Depot on Saturday, July 27th and Saturday, August 24th from 8:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. Barnesville Hospital will conduct a Mercury Thermometer Exchange, recycle old cell phones and provide blood pressure and glucose screenings. Also, come out to meet Dr. Abhisshek Shahi, Barnesville Hospitals newest Internal Medicine Physician who is now accepting new patients. Dr. Shahis office is on the Barnesville Medical Center Upper Level. To schedule an appointment, call (740) 425-5140.

A free digital thermometer will be provided for every mercury thermometer which is brought in. Funding for this event is provided through the Ohio Environmental Education Fund Grant. Mercury is toxic and can negatively impact people, especially children, and wildlife when released into the environment. Mercury can be absorbed through the skin, inhaled or ingested. Mercury metal is a liquid at room temperature and readily turns into vapor in the air. Children and fetuses are at the greatest risk for health problems due to mercury since their nervous system is still developing.

Barnesville Hospitals Green Team has been instrumental in exploring ways to recycle materials at the hospital and being at the Farmers Market is a great way to help our community recycle and to keep our community safe, said Michael Carpenter, Facilities Director. Each year the hospital recycles over 33 tons of solids and over 1000 lbs. of hazardous waste. The Mercury Thermometer Exchange is one additional way we can help our community to recycle.

For additional information regarding the Mercury Thermometer Exchange, Cell Phone Recycling, or Blood Pressure and Glucose Screening please call Barnesville Hospital at 740-425-5109.