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Barnesville Hospital ER Expansion/Renovation Requires Temporary Relocation of ER Entrance

As the Barnesville Hospital Emergency Department Addition/Renovation project moves into Phase II of construction, we will be temporarily relocating the Emergency Department Entrance.

Beginning at 12:00 p.m. on May 18, 2015, the Main Entrance of the facility will be used as the Emergency Department Entrance until further notice.

All Emergency Medical Service traffic will utilize Hospital Drive to transport patients to our facility.

Ambulances will stage along Hospital Drive and transport patients into the facility through the Main Entrance to access the Emergency Department.

Self-transport patients will also use the Main Entrance for Emergency Department care. Designated parking spots for Emergency Department patients will be provided.

Appropriate signage will be posted directing individuals through the relocation.

Barnesville Hospital will provide Contract Security Guards to assist in directing individuals to the Emergency Department. Guards will be stationed on the exterior in the parking lot area and inside the main entrance.

All non-emergency hospital traffic and access to the Medical Center will use the parking lot entrance.

Hospital Drive entrance will be reserved for Emergency traffic only.

Should you have any questions related to the Emergency Department Entrance relocation, please contact Peggy Douglass, Director of Education and Outreach, at 740-425-5158.