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New Emergency Department Lobby to be Named in Memory of Howard G. Lemasters

Community service was a driving force in Howard Lemasters life and that same dedication to assisting others continues. Barnesville Hospital is extremely pleased to announce Theresa Lemasters has named the new Emergency Department Lobby in memory of Howard.

This is such a deserving recognition for Howard, said John Rataiczak, Co-Chair, Barnesville Hospitals Now is the Time Campaign for a new Emergency Department. Howard was a true community servant and he actively looked for ways to give back to his community. I think he would be very pleased. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Theresa for choosing such a meaningful way to remember Howard.

Howard was retired business education instructor from Barnesville High School and touched the lives of countless students throughout his career. He also served as an instructor at Belmont College and Ohio University Eastern.

Howard sought out ways to give back to others. He served as past president, treasurer and trustee of the Belmont County Historical Society, served as treasurer of the Barnesville Area Development Council and secretary of the Barnesville Historical Preservation Committee. He served as co-treasurer and vice president of the Belmont County Ohio Retired Teachers Association. He was an emeritus trustee of the Belmont County Animal Rescue League. He volunteered at Valley Hospice where he was also serving as a trustee. The list of his memberships and involvement goes on.

The Barnesville Hospital Emergency Department was fortunate to have Howard as a volunteer for almost twenty years. During that time he accrued 3,470 hours of volunteer service.

Howard constantly went over and above what was expected when he was a volunteer in the Emergency Department, said Ruth Anderson, Director of Volunteers, Barnesville Hospital. Howards experience working on the E-Squad made him uniquely qualified to work in the Emergency Department. Not everyone is prepared to handle the cases you encounter, yet Howard handled it all with grace and good humor. He is missed.

The generous support from our community members is assisting Barnesville Hospital and area residents to realize our dream of a new Emergency Department.

Theresa shared with us that Howard often spoke of the need to think of others and the importance of each week doing something kind for someone else. Because of those sentiments and because Howard believed in Barnesville Hospital and our Emergency Department I think he would be extremely pleased with the new lobby being named in his memory, said David Phillips, CEO, Barnesville Hospital. Theresas gift in memory of Howard is a gift of love and a gift honoring what was important in Howards life; service and community.

The Barnesville Hospital Emergency Department renovation and expansion project is to be completed in Fall 2015.