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Morristown Family Medicine Schedules First Lab Fair

A Lab Fair will be held at Morristown Family Medicine Morristown, Ohio on Sat, March 25th from 8 am- Noon. This is an opportunity for area residents to obtain their lab work at a convenient location and at a low cost.

We are excited to be able to offer this service for area residents, said Sarah Davis, RN, BSN, Group Practice Manager, Belmont Professional Associates. You dont need to be a patient at Morristown Family Medicine to participate. Everyone is welcome.

Lab results will be reviewed by a physician and mailed directly to the patients home. The mailing will include any recommendations regarding whether you need to follow up with your physician.

Lab tests which are available include: CMP (complete metabolic panel), TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), LP (lipid panel), CBC (complete blood count) for $35, A1C-(tests glucose over 3 month period) $12, PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) $12 and Vitamin D- $45.

Payment must be by cash or check. Appointments are encouraged. Call today to schedule your appointment for the Lab Fair at 740-782-1031.