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Better Health in 120 Days

Glenn Aukerman, M.D. will present his personalized nutrition plan, Better Health in 120 Days at Barnesville Hospital on Saturday, April 8th. Registration will begin at noon. Dr. Aukerman will address his Better Health in 120 Days Protocol from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm and from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm he will discuss How to Map your Health Future. Time will be allowed for questions at the conclusion of the program. Dr. Aukermans nutritional plan is designed to remove toxic foods from the diet, enhance healthy foods and support areas where a persons nutrients are deficient.

This program is sponsored through the Elda Rubel Wellness Fund, courtesy of Neil Rubel. Elda was a patient of Dr. Aukermans during her cancer treatments. Neil established the Fund in Eldas memory to raise support, provide education, and increase awareness of cancer diagnosis by offering opportunities to learn of prevention and treatment options through quality medical care and making healthy nutrition choices. Eldas family and friends want to carry on her desire to dedicate each day to quality of life and to nurture a love which will last a lifetime and beyond.

Dr. Aukerman practices at St. Ritas Family Medicine, Lima, Ohio. Previously, he served as a tenured Professor of Family Medicine at The Ohio State University and Medical Director for the Universitys Center of Integrative Medicine. Dr. Aukerman was past president of the American Academy of Family Physicians and his book, Better Health in 120 Days explains his nutritional plan.

Dr. Aukerman is a strong proponent of eating fruits and vegetables which are grown and harvested locally. He feels our diet has become too complex and if we simplify our diet we will actually become healthier. In addition, he feels artificial sweeteners can actually cause you to gain weight. Samples of gluten free and healthy snacks will be provided. Participants will be encouraged to taste the samples and to provide feedback.

There is no charge for this presentation and everyone is welcome to attend. For additional information please call Jan Chambers, Barnesville Hospital, 740-425-5789 or Neil Rubel at 740-686-2153.

Glen Aukerman, M.D.

Photo: Glen Aukerman, M.D.