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Belmont County Commissioners Tour Addiction Services of Eastern Ohio

The Belmont County Commissioners toured the Addiction Services of Eastern Ohio (ASEO) located at Barnesville Medical Center. ASEO is an integrative outpatient program which treats those addicted to opiates or alcohol by providing withdrawal management, behavioral counseling and medication assisted treatment.

Withdrawal management provides clients medications to cope with the discomfort of withdrawal. The medications are monitored and adjusted daily by the nurse practitioner to alleviate symptoms. Clients also participate in behavioral counseling through individual, group and intensive outpatient sessions. When a client has completed the withdrawal process they can receive Medication Assisted Treatment, which utilizes a monthly injection of Vivitrol, to block the receptors in the brain that cause an individual to get high. Research shows that a combination of medication and therapy can successfully treat substance use disorders and prevent opioid overdose for some people struggling with addiction. It can also help to sustain recovery.

“We were pleased to have the Commissioners stop out to learn more about addiction and the services we are providing,” said Joseph Jeffries, R.Ph., Director of Pharmacy, Barnesville Hospital. “Ohio has been called the epicenter of the opiod crisis and unfortunately Belmont County is seeing an increase in opioid use and deaths along with the rest of the state. The Commissioners understand the seriousness of this problem and are eager to work toward solutions.”

ASEO was formed by a consortium of organizations, Barnesville Hospital, Belmont Professional Services, Crossroads Counseling Services, Mental Health and Recovery Board, and Ohio Hills Health Services, to address the growing opioid addiction problem in our area. For more information about ASEO please call, 740-425-5780.

Photo: Megan Britton, Nurse Practitioner, Belmont Professional Services; Sarah Davis, Group Practice Manager, Belmont Professional Associates; JP Dutton, Commissioner; Mark Thomas, Commissioner; Joe Jeffries, Director of Pharmacy; Shannon Watson, Executive Director, Crossroads counseling Services, Josh Meyer, Commissioner and Shelly Campbell, Counseling Technician, Crossroads Counseling.