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Changes in Medical Staff at Barnesville Hospital

Dr P.K. Souri is making plans to slow down after practicing medicine in Barnesville, Ohio for more than forty-four years. Effective December 22, 2017, Dr. Souri will no longer have office hours at the Barnesville Medical Center; however he will remain active in the internal medicine coverage of Barnesville Hospital inpatients as well as reading echocardiograms, the interpretation of cardiac monitoring and coverage of local nursing homes.

“Dr. Souri’s change in practice is well deserved and justified. For over forty-four years he has been the cornerstone of our medical community,” said David Phillips, CEO, Barnesville Hospital. “We all owe Dr. Souri a sincere debt of gratitude for his devotion to his patients, and his unwavering commitment to our community and to Barnesville Hospital. We wish him all of the best as he enters this next chapter of his career.”

Dr. Robert Montazemi will join the Barnesville Hospital Medical Staff on January 2, 2018. Dr. Montazemi is a board certified internal medicine physician with over twenty years of experience. He has practiced in a variety of settings including inpatient, outpatient, nursing home, substance abuse and more. Dr. Montazemi’s practice will provide inpatient coverage, outpatient availability and coverage for local nursing homes. Dr. Montazemi will see patients in the Barnesville Medical Center.

Megan Britton, Nurse Practitioner, will continue her full time practice at the Barnesville Medical Center, as well as her role with Addiction Services of Eastern Ohio and she will also provide inpatient coverage along with Dr. Souri, Dr. Montazemi and Dr. Patcha.

If you have any questions regarding coverage at Barnesville Medical Center please contact Sarah Davis, Belmont Professional Associates, Group Practice Manager at 740-425-5222.

Photo: Dr. P.K. Souri